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About Us

Locally Owned and Operated

We are AJ and Janelle Zirkel, owners and operators of AJ’s Excavating LLC. This is a locally owned family business, taking care of residence and businesses in Benzie County and beyond for all their excavating needs. We are a full service company focused on customer service and job quality.

AJ’s Lifelong Passion

AJ has always had a passion for excavating and heavy equipment, knowing at a young age he wanted to have an excavating business. When he was 10 years old, he started out doing odd jobs for neighbors with a single riding lawn mower. All through junior high and high school, AJ worked hard to grow his customer base and learn about the trade. When he graduated in 2005, he bought a backhoe and small dump truck and continued to grow. AJ Zirkel started this company as a teenager and because of his passion, dedication and determination, he has built the full service excavating company that exists today. Along with AJ’s business partner and wife, Janelle, our determination and work ethics have built this ever expanding and profitable business.

Building a Trustworthy Hardworking Team

In any business, dependable and trustworthy employees can be hard to find at times. So, we take great pride in the group of people we have hired and that now make up AJ’s Excavating’s team. We keep all our employees focused in great customer service. From our office staff to our field employees, we have a very professionally trained staff to meet the needs of our customers. The teamwork you see at AJ’s Excavating is based on the family atmosphere and care and concern, foremost for our employees and by extension, for our customers.

Recent Growth

We are very excited to say that over 3 years ago, we were able to purchase a new building on US 31 in Honor moving our business location there and opening up a retail store front for landscaping material. This move has created more employment opportunities and our staffing has continually increased since then. This allowed us to expand our product line and we are now able to retail all kinds of landscaping supplies for pick up and delivery.

New Service Additions

Our newest service we have recently started to offer is poured concrete foundations, footings and flat work. We have invested in 2 new trucks, complete sets of panels and 8 new employees to run this division. With this service we can now cut back on the head ache for homeowners and builders of scheduling an excavator and a concrete company when building. Now with one phone call you can schedule both! We are extremely excited about this growth as we are creating relationships with new employees as well as all the new homeowner and contractors we are now working with.

Today we employ 12 local people and have a fleet of five dump trucks, seven trailers, 12 machines and five pickups, two locations and a gravel pit. We look forward to continued growth and involvement in the community.

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